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BUN BLADE is a miniature sword and scabbard that secures hair in an elegant and deadly updo.  Featuring stainless steel, brass, and walnut, the sword can be drawn and used for basic utility knife tasks while the scabbard remains in the hair to keep it up.

bun blade full 2 small.png
bun blade close up 4 small.png
bun blade close up 1 small.png

The form is inspired by 18th-century Chinese swords– an ode to my heritage.  This type of double-edged sword is known as a jian or "The Gentleman of Weapons."  Scabbards were usually crafted from wood and sometimes from metal covered in lacquer or stingray skin.

sword refs-01.png

I have adapted the hilt's ornamentation to reflect my interests: potatoes and skulls. The guard graphic is a modified version of my Fatal Potato logo and seal, embellished with potato leaves.  The handle and scabbard are intentionally wonky/faceted for a better grip.

bun blade close up 2 small.png
bun blade sketches guard-01.png

A fun challenge of making BUN BLADE was deciding how to balance traditional designs with a personal touch, and figuring out how to construct such a tiny thing by hand and machine.  The process was an intense gathering of design and fabrication skills that I have learned at RISD and from my summer at LAIKA Studios.

bun blade process 2.png
bun blade process final.jpg
bun blade close up 3 small.png

Thanks for checking out The Gentlewoman of Weapons: Hair Stick Edition!

- Leah

sweet potato and knives small.png
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